This website will provide notes and assignments for Ms. Wesemann’s classes.  If you are gone a day, or just didn’t get everything from the day’s lesson in your notes from class, this is the right place to come!

General Grading Policy for Algebra 1 AND Algebra 2:

  • All homework is based on a 10 point scale.  Four random questions will be chosen to grade on a 2pt scale, 1pt for effort and 2nd point for the problem having the correct answer.  The last 2 points are given if the assignment shows effort for all problems/is complete.
  • All homework from each Unit/Chapter is due a week after the Unit/Chapter is tested on.
  • Retakes on Tests/Quizzes are to be done by the end of each grading quarter.

Algebra 1 SyllabusSyllabus

Algebra 2 Syllabusalgebra2syllabus